Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
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Robert R., Chehalis, WAAs a new customer I made a small order and was amazed to receive my material across the country just a few days later. Fantastic service.
B. Cork, Monroe, LAWe ordered a can of Howard's restor-a-finish Golden Oak a while back. We are using it on our kitchen cabinets. The product is outstanding and does everything it said. Just want you to know how great it is.
M. Stewart, Chesapeake, VAI recently bought the 20 pound bargain box of sandpaper. What first impressed me was that I got it only two days after the purchase. That's fast! Second surprise came when I opened the box. I have never seen that much sandpaper in one place! And all good quality stuff, too! When you say twenty pounds, you mean it! I am at the moment restoring a 167 year old buggy my boss found in someone's barn. I am having a small fit with removing the old paint. I think that's what it is, and store bought paper doesn't make a dent. Can't wait to get started with my new "Bargain".
R. Holden, Hopewell, VAI ordered and received my first bargain box of hook and loop paper. I was very impressed with the variety, quality and most of all, the quantity of the sandpaper. This a great deal. Just wish I had not waited so long to give it a try. And, as always, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Thank you.
B. Stratton, KSMade my first order via the internet Sunday evening; it arrived today and I'm more than pleased with the product and service. Great Job folks - you'll have a repeat customer.
D. James, Kenosha, WICongratulations on your 25 years of growth. Since my first order for your bargain box in 1989, and all of the belts, rolls and discs through the years, I've been very satisfied. Your expanded line of products into carving, tool accessories, finishing and safety covered many of my needs. Product quality is always very good. Your pricing and shipping fees were always fair to cheap. Your delivery time is incredibly fast. Keep up the good work.
Bradley, Littlerock, CAReplaced my Performax Conveyor Belt with the new Poly Belt and all I can say is, What a DIFFERENCE! The conveyor drive Motor is smooth as can be and fits like a glove! The conveyor motor doesn't make the uneven wine it made with the old belt and the end snipe problem with the bends in the old belt are gone with the new one because the belt runs smoothly without slowing down and speeding up. This is the belt these sanders should have come with! IF YOU HAVE A 22-44 PLUS OR ANY OF THE SANDERS WITH THE OLD STYLE CONVEYOR BELTS, GET THE POLY BELT! You will not be sorry!
Rick, Ponder, TXMy first order-I ordered a few rolls of sticky back for a mini straight line sander. The shipping was FAST. Ordering was easy, no problems. I really like the fact there is plastic film that separates the layers so I can use it on full size or anything else. Good quality at a great price. What more could I want. I'll be back...
Roger, Deep Gap, NCThanks for the fast shipping - Just one of the reasons I come to you guys. The honing wheel made a world of difference in my bowl gouge performance. Thanks again.
Tom, Clinton, NCI just received my order. Everything was exactly right. golly you sure are fast!!!!!!!