Woodworking Extravaganza

Woodworking Extravganza

The 15th Annual Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Extravaganza will be held on October 16 & 17, 2015 at the Hickory Metro Convention Center in Hickory, NC. Also, visit our Woodworking Extravaganza Blog to see highlights from our past shows.

Download the Catawba Valley Woodcarvers 2015 Entry Form! Download now

Download the Catawba Valley Woodcarvers 2015 Show Brochure. Download now

The Hickory Museum of Art provided youth activities at the 14th Annual Extravaganza

  • North Carolina Woodworker Demos
  • Woodcrafters Club Booth
  • Powermatic w/Nick Cook Demos
  • Chainsaw Carving w/Randy Everett
  • Digital Carver Demos
  • Michele Parsons: Wood Artist Demos
  • Freud and Mohawk Booths w/Special Promos
  • Western Piedmont Community College student projects
  • Gregory Paolini of Gregory Paolini Design Demos
  • Plant Tours - KLINGSPOR Abrasives
  • Jerry Measimer - Turning Demos
  • American Woodshop Tour 2014 with Scott Phillips
  • NC Woodworker Booth w/Adult & Children Demos - Hands-On
  • A.N.D.Y. Card Foundation Booth
  • Hickory Museum of Art Youth Activities
  • Conception to Completion by Don McHugh
  • 2014 Carving Demonstrators
    • Dwayne Gosnell, Hickory, NC
    • Jim Carpenter, Winston-Salem, NC
    • Ronnie McMahon, Black Mountain, NC
    • Bill Johnson, Cullowhee, NC
  • Catawba Valley Woodcarver Competition

Catawba Valley Woodcarvers Competition

13th Annual Show and Competition was held October 18, 2014 in Hickory, NC at the Hickory Metro Convention Center. It was held in conjunction with the 14th Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Extravaganza.

Catawba Valley Woodcarvers

Peter Gendle

(1) First Best of Novice / Best of Wood Bark Carving Novice - Wood Bark Carving

Mark Blevins

(2) Third Best of Novice - Cowboy on Bucking Horse

Eric Kehl

(3) First Best of Intermediate / CCA Award Open / Caricatures - Cowboy

Phillip Ambrose

(4) Second Best of Intermediate - Relief Carving

Rod Hiekel

(5) Third Best of Intermediate - Viking

Karen Lynn Hess

(6) First Best of Open - White Throated Sparrow

Allie Hutchison

(7) Second Best of Open - Vacz Town

Mickie Bouzon

(8) Third Best of Open - Saw-Whet Owl

Ron Dowdy

(9) CCA Award Intermediate - Cowboy Bottle Stopper

Bubba Mulles

(10) Best of Wood Bark Carving Intermediate

Bruce Dalzell

(11) Best of Wood Bark Carving Open

Steve Robertson

(12) Hunting Decoys

Bennie Robinson

(13) Birds of Prey - Merlin Falcon

Dwayne Gosnell

(14) Caricatures Santa

Jim Smith

(15) Non-human Animals - Turtle