*Pony Pipe Clamp Fixture 3/4"
*Pony Pipe Clamp Fixture 3/4

Pony Pipe Clamp Fixture 3/4"

Item #: ACC05000

Product Description

America's most popular, most widely used clamp fixture design, the #50 is ideal for metalworking, woodworking and frame assembly...in applications that range from do-it-yourself to industrial production. Mounts on any length 3/4" black pipe with both ends threaded (pipe not furnished).

  • Castings-malleable and/or ductile iron; orange and black baked enamel finish
  • Screw-5/8" diameter with special, smoothly cut Acme threads; hardened steel thrust bearing in sliding head prevents war at point of screw; crank type handle
  • Multiple-Disc-Clutches-plated hardened steel; 4 pieces per set
  • Clamping faces-approximately 1-3/4" square
  • Coil-spring "stop" - one is included with each clamp fixture


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