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Item #: AS10000

Product Description

Every craftsman that installs: Laminate Countertops, Solid Suface Counter Tops, Cabinets, Tile, Floor Coverings, and Architectural Woodwork know how difficult it is to get a good fit when installing against an irregular suface. Trial and error fitting takes a lot of time and causes a lot of frustration. With the AccuScribe tool, you can trim to an exact line and know it will fit the first time.

Here's how it works:

  • Set the item to be fitted against the surface it is to meet in the final aligned position
  • Set the Accuscribe spacing so that it equals the widest gap between the item and the irregular surface. Slide the back of the AccuScribe along the surface so that it follows the irregular contour while allowing the pencil to mark a line along the item being installed. When material is removed up to the line, the item will have a shape that matches the contour of the irregular surface. You'll have a perfect fit with a minimum of material removal.

Unbelievably simple and effective!


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