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Universal Clamping Blocks System

Item #: BL52001

Universal Clamping Blocks System


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  • Universal Clamping Blocks System Image
  • Universal Clamping Blocks System Image


Includes: 8 UCB's, 8 Rubber Pads, Hold Down Kit, 10 Thin Pads, & 10 Shims

With the Universal Clamping Block System you will have the Universal Clamping Blocks and rubber pads you need to enable the clamping of a wide variety of joints such as miters, angles, scarf joints, frames, etc. The shims and thin pads will give you the ability to use the Universal Clamping Blocks for edge and face frame clamping. You also get the knobs, t-bolts and bumpers to convert the Universal Clamping Blocks into hold downs for use on tables and drill presses with t-slots. The tremendous versatility of this system may eliminate the need to acquire a wide variety of specialized clamps or, at a minimum, supplement the clamps you may already have.

  • Anodized, rigid, hard aluminum for durability and strength
  • Ripples to grip the rubber pads or the wood being clamped
  • T-bolt hole facilitates conversion to hold-down device
  • Loop will accomodate 3/4" rod for clamping long joints
  • Neoprene Rubber Pads - can be used to buffer the Universal Clamping Block ripples from the wood being clamped
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Prop. 65 Warning

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