*Earlex Spray Station HV5500 HVLP
*Earlex Spray Station HV5500 HVLP Image

Earlex Spray Station HV5500 HVLP

$299.00 $319.95
Item #: EA55000

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Product Description

The Spray Station 5500 is a professional unit designed for light contractor, occasional maintenance, woodworker and serious DIY enthusiast. The Spray Station 5500 is ideal for use in the workshop, garden or home. Water-based and oil-based coatings can be applied with the HV5500.

This model has on-board storage for the spray gun, a long carry handle for easy portability, a spray-gun cleaning kit and a one-quart pro-gun with PTFE-coated paint container that makes it easy to clean, long-lasting and non-corrosive.

  • Ideal for spraying walls, ceilings, doors, fences, shutters, cabinetry, spindles, iron work, sheds, decking, furniture, cars and more
  • Easy-to-clean PTFE-coated paint container with quick-release lever
  • 13-foot air hose
  • 5.5-foot power cord
  • Sprays a wide variety of materials
  • Sprays as fine as 1 inch/2.5cm
  • Fitted with variable output control
  • Press and twist aircap for faster spray pattern adjustment
  • Optional needle sets

Technical Specs:

  • One-quart capacity
  • Turbine motor
  • Neon on/off switch
  • Kit includes: turbine unit, onboard storage pod, onboard hose and power cord storage, 1 quart
  • PTFE-coated paint container with metal spray gun and stainless steel needle, viscosity cup, long carry handle and spray gun cleaning kit

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