Infrared Heater / Air Purifier
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Infrared Heater / Air Purifier

Item #: ES10021

Product Description

EcoSunTec IAP-1000 portable 2-in-1 one ceramic infrared heater with year round air purifier featuring a timer, remote control and thermostat.

You'll love our 2-in-1 portable ceramic infrared heater for its year round use. In the winter, use it as a space heater with uv air purification. In the warmer months, use it for air circulation and POC air purification technology that kills germs while eliminating odors.

Users enjoy the convenience of the wireless remote control that can be operated from across the room before you get out of bed to make the room toasty before you get dressed.

The grill glows red when you're using the unit as a heater and cool blue when using it for air purification and circulation.

  • Heats multiple rooms up to 1000 square feet with even heat from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling reducing cold spots better than coil resistance heaters
  • 3-year warranty - operational components giving you peace of mind in your investment
  • Full function remote control and touch control panel on the unit so you can change the all the setting from across the room (before you get out of bed)
  • Will not start a fire because the ceramic heating element never reaches combustible temperatures
  • Wheels provide easy movement from room to room so that anyone can easily move the heater for best results
  • Will not harm children or pets. In fact many cats find a cozy spot sleeping on top of the units
  • Lifetime washable air filter. You may also vacuum it for quick easy maintenance.
  • Automatic shut off if tipped over providing you peace of mind
  • Galvanized steel inside providing a solid frame for years of enjoyment
  • Does not produce poisonous carbon monoxide giving you safe dependable heat for your family and pets
  • ABS copolymer cabinet which is often used in products expected to experience high impact forces, therefore the heaters are durable
  • Air purification: Photo Catalytic Oxidation Technology (PCO) which kills germs and viruses. It even reduces odors year round.
  • Height: 16-3/4"
  • Width: 13"
  • Length: 15-1/2"
  • It's compact so you can find an appropriate place in any room
  • Does not remove humidity or oxygen from the air as many heaters do, so your breathing will be normal and your skin won't dry out
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • It's a lightweight heater for easy transport or storage
  • Three power settings:
    • Small: 650 Watts, 500 sq. ft.
    • Medium: 1100 Watts, 750 sq. ft.
    • Large: 1500 Watts, 1000 sq.ft.
  • Approx. 5000 BTU, 12.6 Amps, 1500 Watts.
  • Two speed fan, Regular and Sleep Mode for times when a reduced fan speed may be desirable
  • Thermostat settings between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit giving you control of your personal comfort even in the coldest of winters
  • ETL 3096617 listing - United States & Canada. Originally a mark of ETL Testing Laboratories, now a mark of Intertek Testing Services.
  • Unit cycles ON/OFF based on thermostat settings giving even heating that you can control
  • 2 degrees Fahrenheit between each setting 1-16 providing you with a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Improves current heat efficiency when used according to recommended supplemental heating strategies, thus saving you money
  • Manual timer setting for ON/OFF mode so you can set it and forget it safely
  • Supplemental heat source giving you extra heat where you want it
  • Uses conventional 110V 3-prong grounded outlet, so you can use it in any room in the house
  • 5 year warranty on Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) ceramic heat element so you can relax knowing you've made a sound investment
  • 2-in-1 product so you can heat in the winter and use to circulate purified air in warmer months


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