Fein M-E Cut Tapered Fine 2-1/2"
Fein M-E Cut Tapered Fine 2-1/2

Fein M-E Cut Tapered Fine 2-1/2"

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Item #: FE34110

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Product Description

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FEIN continues its tradition of quality and innovation by announcing FEIN Multi-Mount blades - now compatible with major multi-purpose oscillating tools. Experience the durability and cutting-edge performance of FEIN Multi-Mount blade and maximize your tool's potential.

  • Combination of proven FEIN 8-star holder and 12-hole mount
  • Compatible with major oscillating tools without adapter
  • Sold per blade

Only a FEIN blade on a FEIN tool unleashes the power of the patented FEIN Star Technology - the secure, no-tolerance lock-fit that allows maximum energy transfer to the blade and prevents loss in oscillation angle. This means performance up to four times faster than using a competitor's tool and blade.

FEIN Multi-Mount blades help you get the best value from a blade by making a competitor's tool work up to two times faster. The new Fein blades are specifically designed to work on Bosch, Ridgid, Makita, Milwaukee and Skil oscillating tools.

Does not fit the newer Fein Multimaster/multi-tool Starlock

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