*2-1/4X Binocular Magnifiers Headband
*2-1/4X Binocular Magnifiers Headband Image

2-1/4X Binocular Magnifiers Headband

Item #: GE95050

Product Description

Product Description:

The Binocular Magnifiers offer powerful, crisp magnification of your detailed projects while simultaneously leaving both of your hands free to work. The ground and polished optical lens is mounted to a tilt-up frame, allowing you to disengage the magnifier without removing the entire assembly from your head. This item is equipped with a cushioned headband which rests as comfortably as a baseball cap and is likewise adjustable for a snug fit.

  • 2.25x magnifying lens
  • Great for assembly and inspection applications
  • Used commonly by toolmakers, machinists, engravers, jewelers and hobbyists
  • Leaves hands free to work
  • Tilt-up lens frame instantly removes magnifying lens from sightline
  • Ground and polished optical lens eliminates eyestrain
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Adjustable, cushioned headband for comfort fit
  • 8" focal length

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