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Carvin' Jack Tool Right Hand

Item #: JKN91

*Carvin' Jack Tool Right Hand


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  • *Carvin' Jack Tool Right Hand Image


Flexcut Cash Back

A complete carving kit in your pocket!

  • Great for camping!
  • Includes its own Flexcut Sliptrop™ and Flexcut Gold™ polishing compound
  • Complete instructions for operating and maintaining the sharpest edge possible
  • Each razor edge is honed and locks securely in both the opened and closed positions
  • All blades are made of Flexcut's high-carbon steel, which made their tools famous

About the Knife:

  • Detail Knife: Its fine point can be used for detailing delicate areas or quickly removing wood from a convex surface as you would with any whittling knife.
  • Straight Gouge: Gouges are used for modeling surfaces or creating different textures. It can also be used for carving printmaking woodcuts.
  • Hook Knife: The hook knife is designed for carving in hollow areas where a straight blade can't reach. It's ideal for hollowing spoons or roughing out larger amounts of waste wood.
  • V-Scorp: The V-Scorp's sharp corners leave a clean line of demarcation between two adjacent surfaces, much the same as outlining with a pencil.
  • Gouge Scorp: Scorps, by their nature, are right-angled gouges. Their very short turning radius allows them to carve very narrow, deep recesses, similar to spoon gouges, only better.
  • Chisel: This handy carpenter's tool is great for setting a hinge, carving lettering or smoothing off hard-to-reach convex surfaces
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