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Lumber Wizard IV Metal Detector Wand

Item #: LW40000

*Lumber Wizard IV Metal Detector Wand


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A powerful, precision Metal Detector made for Woodworking

Helps prevent costly damage to woodshop equipment

The Lumber Wizard 4 is the latest version of Wizard Industries' flagship woodworking metal detector. A powerful precision hand-held metal detector designed specifically for woodworkers, it helps detect small metal objects hidden inside new or used lumber. The new version features a laser-line generator that provides a bright visual reference of where metal is detected. Undetected nails, screws or other metal fragments can damage expensive jointer, planer and saw blades. Flying metal can also cause serious injury. Easy to use, the Lumber Wizard 4 helps woodworkers prevent equipment damage and personal injury. The unit includes a beep tone alert, allowing use of the Lumber Wizard 4 with or without the laser activated. The Lumber Wizard has received rave reviews from woodworkers and magazines across the country for over 10 years, and the new version is even better!

  • Bright laser-line indicator
  • Helps pinpoint nails, screws, bullets and wire inside new or used lumber
  • Helps prevent costly blade damage and shop down time
  • Quickly scan any size wood
  • Not affected by moisture content of wood
  • 6" wide scanning area
  • Durable, sturdy plastic casing
  • 1 year warranty


  • Dimensions: Length 18"; Width 3-1/8"; Height 1-1/8"; Weight 10.3 oz
  • Types of metal detected: Responds to all types of steel, stainless steel, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.
  • Electronics: Laser-Line Generator Metal Detector. Unit operates witih an automatic tuning transmit/receive circuit. Provides precision detection pattern to help prevent false alarms.
  • Operating Frequency: 13 kHz/6,600 Hz
  • Power Requirements: One 9 volt standard alkaline battery. Typical battery life is up to 30 hours depending upon use of laser. Battery is not included.
  • Switches: On switch; off switch; laser indicator switch; audio alert switch; and fine tuning adjustment screw
  • Alert indicators: Switchable piezo tone alert, switchable laser indicator, earphone jack (earphone not included) and LED light to indicate the presence of metal
  • Sensitivity: Under ideal conditions, the unit can detect a solid 3" piece of metal up to approximately 6", a large deck screw at up to 4", a medium nail at up to 2-1/2", a paneling nail at up to 2", or a wood staple at up to 1-1/4"

Fine Tuning Adjustment:
If your Lumber Wizard 4 continuously beeps, or doesn't detect, the unit may need a fine tuning adjustment. To fine tune your Lumber Wizard, turn the unit on. While holding the unit away from any metal, use a small screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw located on top of the unit. Turn the screw just to the point where the tone stops. Turn it off then back on. Test the unit on a visible piece of metal.
Temperature Limitations:
The Lumber Wizard 4 should never be stored or used in temperatures below 40 degrees or in damp or extremely humid or moist environments. Store indoors!

CA Residents:
Prop. 65 Warning

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