*Shop Strop Sandpaper Sharpening System
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Shop Strop Sandpaper Sharpening System

Item #: SS11111

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Product Description

Blade Tool Sharpening, Sanding, and Honing System - Blade Tool Sharpening Has Never Been Easier!

When mounted on a drill press, the ShopStrop Precision Sharpening Kit easily touches up already-sharpened tools as well as those needing complete restoration or shaping. By working with the progressively finer sanding cloth disks supplied with the kit, a razor-sharp cutting surface can be achieved. The process is finished by stropping the tool on the leather wheel using the specially formulated compound.

Because the tool edge you are sharpening is held at eye level in a precise angle, the sharpening action can be easily observed and controlled. No more guessing about the sharpening angle! The disks of the ShopStrop Precision Sharpening Kit provide four times the surface area of a vertical grinding wheel, which means larger blades can be accommodated.

Note: No Platform or Tool Holder included in the Basic ShopStrop sanding system.

System Includes:

  • (1) Hex arbor leather wheel
  • (1) Formulated compound stick
  • (1) Aluminum disc
  • (2) Cloth 4" Sanding Disc - 150 Grit
  • (2) Cloth 4" Sanding Disc - 320 Grit
  • (2) Cloth 4" Sanding Disc - 600 Grit

The discs with this ShopStrop System are PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) / sticky back.

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