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SYS 3 T-88 Epoxy Adhesive (pt Kit)

Item #: SY00016

*SYS 3 T-88 Epoxy Adhesive (pt Kit)


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T-88 is a high performance, non-brittle, two part epoxy adhesive designed to give superior results under adverse conditions. T-88 adhesive may be used without modification in normally fitted joints and will cure in any thickness without shrinking. It cures to a clear amber in 6 to 9 hours and becomes virtually invisible once varnished. Full strength is reached in 24 hours. T-88 will bond to virtually all surfaces except tin, zinc, and some waxy thermoplastics. Once cured, the adhesive is unaffected by water, gasoline, and most chemicals. Simply mix equal parts of A and B and blend until mixture is one color with no streaking. Mix no more than you can apply in 30 minutes. Uncured mixture can be cleaned with white vinegar and water.

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