Water Based Wood Filler Tas Oak 8oz
    Water Based Wood Filler Tas Oak 8oz Image
    Water Based Wood Filler Tas Oak 8oz Image

Water Based Wood Filler Tas Oak 8oz

Item #: TG25013

Product Description

Tasmanian Oak

Timbermate Woodfiller is an Interior grade 4 in 1 woodputty, grainfiller, edgefiller and crackfiller. When thinned slightly with water can also be used as a sanding sealer. Timbermate does not shrink, sink, crack or fall out and has an indefinite shelf life. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and can be used to the last gram. The secret ingredient of Timbermate is tap water therefore containing no Acrylic, Latex or Solvents. Timbermate comes in 13 premixed colours plus Natural Tint Base. Timbermate takes all types of known stains, varnishes and coatings. The Timbermate formula is over 85 years old and is the only genuine water-based formula in the world proving that the formulation has stood the test of time.


Apply TIMBERMATE with a spatula or knife using hand pressure to force into the Edge or End of the grain. For spray gun use stir 10% - 15% water into TIMBERMATE fit a 2mm mozzle and set pressure to 60psi. Boards can be stacked for easy spraying. Allow to dry and sand with a fine grit paper and apply topcoat.

Woodfiller/Wood Putty:
Fills cracks, knots, pin and screw holes, splits, blemishes, etc. Fill deep holes in layers allowing time for each layer to dry. Will not blind natural wood grain. Drying time is about 30 minutes. TIMBERMATE dries hard and smooth without shrinking or sinking and can be belt or drum sanded as it is not affected by heat, the hotter it gets the harder and faster it sets and that means less "Down Time."

You can speed dry TIMBERMATE by adjusting the surrounding air temperature. This can be done by using either hot air, heat lamps, or kiln ovens.TIMBERMATE can be mixed with any stains before or after filler is dry. To match medium and darker shades mix with Natural, Pine or other light shades.

TIMBERMATE is recommended for interior use. TIMBERMATE is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-yellowing. TIMBERMATE is completely compatible with acid catalysed lacquers, as well as all known lacquers, top coatings and P.U. Fills cracks in masonry, plaster, flooring, drywall,brick, concrete, fibreglass, plastic or metal. Can be mixed with woodglues. Being water-based TIMBERMATE is non-flammable and contains no acetone, toxic or harmful ingredients. Also, TIMBERMATE will take varnish, urethane, wax, polish, lacquer, linseed, and other oils. TIMBERMATE can handle screwing, planing, cutting, drilling and sawing.

Use white TIMBERMATE only for white top coats.

Mix 10% to 15% water into TIMBERMATE to make a perfect Grainfiller, Sanding Sealer and Prime Coat all in one application. First sand surface and with fine grit sandpaper, then apply Grainfiller to surface with a spray gun, paint roller, hessian or a cloth rolled into a ball, rub across the grain in a circular motion finishing with the grain. Sand, once filler is dry, to perfection with either sandpaper or power sander, using a fine grit paper. Grain filer can be used in a Roller or Curtain Coater or Spray Gun using a 2mm nozzle and 60psi pressure. Can be further thinned down with water if required.

Due to the finishing system used to manufacture MDF it is essential to seal the job with a water based non-acrylic product before applying top coats. Therefore TIMBERMATE meets your needs.

Scrape all dust and waste between boards and surface as well as from knot holes and nail heads, vacuum well and carry out first sanding to prepare for filling and coating. Ensure that floor is stabilised, dry and free of movement.

Fill cracks, knot and nail holes and all blemished with a putty knife. Fill deeper holes in layers of about 6mm allowing each fill to dry. Apply TIMBERMATE to entire floor, as a sealant, using a squeegee, trowel or paint roller. Allow to dry and sand off with a fine paper - 120 to 150 grit is recommended for best results. Floor can now be stained or varnished.

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