Repairing Furniture DVD
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Repairing Furniture DVD

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Product Description

Now, this timeless topic can be yours on DVD! With Repairing Furniture, it's easy to achieve professional results at home. You don't need extensive experience or an elaborate shop -- just the straightforward techniques Bob Flexner demonstrates for you, step-by-step. He shows you how to make repairs like the pros ... and, better yet, how to recognize and avoid bad repairs.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Safely disassemble furniture
  • Repair and build out joints
  • Make special clamping jigs
  • Repair veneer
  • Work with hide glue
  • Repair broken parts

The next best thing to a private lesson. Repairing Furniture takes you right into expert woodworker Bob Flexner's shop for an unforgettable 85-minute lesson. You'll see firsthand exactly how to do the work -- the tools, the techniques, and the subtle rhythms of each process.

Impossible to miss a single step! Go directly to the chapter you want to watch and replay it as often as you want. Master it before you move on!

  • DVD
  • 85 minutes
  • Published 2009
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-308-1


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