Milescraft Turners Press
    Milescraft Turners Press Image
    Milescraft Turners Press Image

Milescraft Turners Press

Item #: WS04700

Product Description

All metal construction press with ergonomic grip is easy to use. Open press, insert components, flip up stanchions for mandrel support, and press components.

  • Spring loaded, self-feeding mandrel holds objects in position
  • Micro adjustable press pad for fine-tuned length adjustments
  • Steel handle and pivot deliver up to 300 pounds of force
  • Wide base flange for easy table top clamping or installation
  • Exclusive support stanchions ensure precise horizontal assembly of components up to 5.75 inches long
  • Prevents object movement when pressure is applied
  • Prevents splitting of delicate components
  • Fast tool-free adjustment of component space


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