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Bulls Eye Sealcoat Gallon

Item #: ZR00851

*Bulls Eye Sealcoat Gallon


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  • Compatible with ALL clear wood finishes
  • Great for sealing ALL interior wood, including floors
  • Dries lightning fast - can be sanded & recoated in minutes
  • Does not darken or yellow with age
  • Easy clean up with alcohol or ammonia and water
  • Gives extra beauty & warmth to water-base polyurethanes
  • Can be used as a pre-stain conditioner for pine and softwoods
  • Can be used as a bond coat under new finishes – adheres to any existing finish

Woodworkers, contractors and floor finishers use sanding sealers to speed the progress and improve the appearance of their finishing projects. For many years professional woodworkers and cabinetmakers used refined (dewaxed) shellac to seal surfaces before applying finish coatings. Refined shellac has all of the excellent properties of ordinary shellac (easy to use, fast drying, etc.) but no wax, making it compatible with all clear finishes.

SealCoat offers the timesaving versatility of refined shellac in a pre-mixed 2 lb. cut 100% wax-free formula. It’s the perfect sanding sealer because it penetrates the surface, dries quickly, gives a rich tone to wood surfaces and since it contains no waxes or stearates, SealCoat is guaranteed to be compatible with oil-base polyurethanes, acrylic finishes, lacquers, catalyzed finishes and varnishes.

SealCoat Universal Sanding Sealer
Seals all types of wood surfaces including oak, maple, chestnut, mahogany, walnut, birch, poplar, cherry, etc. Recommended for interior woodwork, including paneling, molding, trim, windows, doors, cabinets, furniture, and toys. SealCoat is great for wood floors – most floor finishing jobs can be completed in just one day. It’s the perfect sealer for acrylic finishes because it brings out the natural beauty of wood but will not turn yellow with age.

SealCoat Pre-Stain Conditioner
Pre-stain conditioners are used to regulate the porosity of pine and fir surfaces, ensuring consistent stain penetration. Most pre-stain conditioners are oil-based and may not be compatible with certain types of wood stains. When thinned to 1 lb. cut, SealCoat is the fastest-drying pre-stain sealer in existence. It may be applied with a rag or a brush and dries in minutes. SealCoat is compatible with ALL types of wood stains including water-base and oil-base stains.

SealCoat Pre-Finish Bond Coat
SealCoat promotes the adhesion of new finishes in 2 ways: (1) It prevents the solvents in new coatings from destroying existing finishes and (2) It ensures that oil-base and acrylic polyurethane will adhere to finishes that contain waxes or stearates. SealCoat helps prevent “fish eyes” in lacquer finishes.

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