Bessey GK30 12"X 2-3/8" Gear Clamp
Bessey GK30 12

Bessey® GK30, 12"x 2-3/8" Gear Clamp

Item #: AC20443

Product Description

Works "BIG" in a small space

First of it's kind in the world, patented GearKlamp provides a unique clamping solution in tight spaces and everywhere you want quick, secure, ergonomic clamping!

  • Ergonomic handle drives the clamping spindle with gear train power
  • Clamping handle is outside the work area
  • Fast action, secure clamping force up to 450 lbs
  • Durable molded reinforced clamping arms
  • Hardened & tempered cold drawn steel rail
  • Fully enclosed gear train keeps out dust and debris
  • V-Grooved anvil for clamping round parts
  • Non-marring caps included
Easy to use
  • Quick release shift button for fast set-ups
  • Swiveling pressure pad self-aligns on clamped parts
  • High quality 2 component handle
  • Clamp easily in confined spaces and against obstructions
Ideal for clamping operations_
  • In a cramped location
  • Up against another object
  • Reaching into or across somewhere to clamp
GearKlamp® bar clamps, GK series
  • The first clamp of its kind easily reaches places that were once difficult or impossible to access
  • Patented mechanism separates spindle from handle for greater clearance


Clamping capacity: 12"
Throat depth: 2-3/8"
Clamping force: 450 lbs
Approx. weight: 1.60 lbs

GTIN:  788502204439

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