How to Sharpen Woodcarving Tools
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Skylar Johnson's How To Sharpen Woodcarving Tools

Item #: AV00204

Product Description

Learn to sharpen and maintain your wood carving tools. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions for sharpening on either stones or power wheels.

Get a better understanding of woodcarving tools and how they work.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is sharp? What is dull?
  • Products for sharpening
  • Sharpening for stones
  • Troubleshooting a tool
  • Before we begin. Q&A
  • Angles
  • The knife
  • Sharpening the knife with a stone
  • The Chisel and Skew
  • The V-Tool
  • Sharpening the V-Tool with a stone
  • The Gouge
  • Sharpening the gouge with a stone
  • Stropping your carving knife
  • Stropping your other tools
  • The Slip Strop
  • Checking your tool for sharpness
  • Sharpening with power
  • Rotary sharpening wheels
  • Power sharpening the knife
  • Power sharpening the gouge
  • Power sharpening the V-Tool
  • Broken Tools

ISBN: 0-9753002-4-5
Aurthor: Skylar Johnson (2005)
56 Pages - Includes over 110 photos and 25 illustrations

GTIN:  9780975300244


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