Epoxy Kit 5 Minute / Clear 9oz
Epoxy Kit 5 Minute / Clear 9oz Image

Stick FastĀ® CA Epoxy Kit, Clear, 5 Minute, 9oz

Item #: CA00318

Product Description

  • Non Solvent Epoxy - 100% solids
  • 2 part 1:1 Ratio
  • 5 cure time
  • Clear Epoxy
  • Bonds to a wide variety of surfaces and large Gap filling
  • Water proof
  • 9oz kits
  • Note: Currently reformulating the 20 min
  • Ideal for bonding in submerged water applications
  • Pen Kit assembly where extended work life is required
  • Can be used as a water proof finish
  • General bonding

Mixing Note:
Mixing a curing large mass amounts of Epoxy at a time will create heat that may brown the color of the cured Epoxy. Such as curing a cup full of Epoxy in a cup. Mixing small batches or spreading out the Epoxy will alleviate this. As with all adhesives, sample an application to test for suitability.

Shelf Life Note:
Over an extended time especially in cool environments the Epoxy may gel or crystallize in the bottle. Placing the bottle in warm tap water (or microwave for very short time: 5-10 seconds at a time) will bring the Epoxy back into solution.

GTIN:  830314003189


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