Parson's Woodburning Start Up Kit
Parson's Woodburning Start Up Kit Image

Parson's Woodburning Start Up Kit

Item #: CE90001

Product Description

The Parson's Woodburning Start Up Kit was recommended to us from one of the premier woodburning artist in the Country. Michele Parsons of Parson's Wood Artistry - located in NC, has worked closely with us on creating a great Start Up Kit for those that want to begin Pyrography.

The kit includes:

  • (1) RT-GR (3/16 inch) Rounded Heel
    • The rounded heel prevents gouging on concave work areas
  • (1) Replaceable Tip Handle
  • (1) Long M Tip Rt-Lm
    • A micro tip, especially usefull on miniatures and where ever fine detail is desired. 1-3/8" x 3/32".
  • (1) Shading Tip Rt-S
    • Designed for shading and raising feathers on carvings. 3/16" wide.
  • (1)Writing Tip Rt-C
    • Perfect for signing your work and drawing curved lines
  • (1) Ez Tip Puller
  • (1) Handpiece Clip
  • (1) Cub Woodburning Unit

This kit is a great starter kit that will save you money and will work great when taking one of Michele's classes in our retail stores or at our yearly Extravaganza in October.

Woodburning is not recommended on Pine or Cedar!



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