Titebond III Wood Glue 16oz
Titebond III Wood Glue 16oz Image

Titebond III Wood Glue 16oz

Item #: FG01414

Product Description

Industry Leadership and Commitment

As the industry leader in bonding wood and wood products, our tradition and professional acceptance have been built on unsurpassed product quality, personalized customer service and technical support. We take great pride in our grass-roots approach to listening to, and better understanding, the needs of woodworking professionals. Recognizing these needs has been the foundation of the Titebond® brand since its inception in 1952. This commitment to excellence in providing real-world solutions continues to drive the Titebond® pursuit of industry leadership.

Designed With The Woodworker In Mind

Although particular applications may demand varied gluing techniques, the majority of professional woodworkers have clearly defined the critical aspects of the ultimate wood glue. Through research, trade shows and industry forums, we have gained valuable insight regarding product performance and application. This insight has been instrumental in shaping our product development efforts.

The result is a wood glue we believe to be superior in many key performance criteria as defined by woodworkers. In short, we developed the product you asked for and are proud to continue our leadership position within the industry.

What does "Ultimate" Really Mean?

Titebond® III is the most advanced wood glue available today. It combines the strength, sandability, ease of use and water cleanup of PVAs (aliphatic resins) with the durability, open time and water-resistance of polyurethanes.

  • Waterproof - Passes ANSI/HPVA Type I Specification
  • Superior strength
  • Longer open time
  • Lower application temperature
  • Resists solvents, heat and mildew
  • Unaffected by finishes
  • Water cleanup & Non-toxic
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • Sands easily without softening
  • Safer than traditional waterproof glues
  • Ultimate in Waterproof
  • Passes Type I water resistance
  • Ultimate in Strength- 4,000 psi
  • Ultimate in Time- 10-minute open time
  • Ultimate in Temperature- Down to 47°F

GTIN:  037083014143

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