NO. 50 Chisel Handpiece W/ 6 Chisels
NO. 50 Chisel Handpiece W/ 6 Chisels Image

NO. 50 Chisel Handpiece W/ 6 Chisels

Item #: FO50100

Product Description

Foredom's new chisel handpiece gives a power assist to carving projects in all types of wood, plastic and plaster. Similar in appearance to the popular 44T, this handpiece has a contoured body design that features a rugged plastic barrel and tapered aluminum ends. The easy to maintain chisel handpiece is recommended for use with the 1/3 HP Series TX or 1/6 HP Series SR motors, and attaches to any flex shaft machine with a standard key tip shaft. The Chisel Handpiece must be used only in the forward motor direction. Optimum Speed Range- 3,000-10,000 rpm. Max. Operating Speed- 18,000 rpm. Handpiece specifications: 6" long, 1" in diameter, weight: 4.6 oz.

The No. 50C comes with a set of 6 stainless steel, pre-sharpened cutters:

  1. Gouge #3, Sweep Shallow Cut (A-KC503)
  2. Gouge #4, Sweep Deep Cut (A-KC504)
  3. Gouge #5, Sweep "U" Cut (A-KC505)
  4. Parting Tool #6, "V" Cut (A-KC506)
  5. Chisel #9, Straight Single Bevel (A-KC509)
  6. Chisel #10, Skew Single Bevel (A-KC510)

Foredom chisels will fit other power chisels including Proxxon and WeCheer. The handpiece and individual cutters are also available separately.

Operating Tip: Using the new chisel handpiece with a dial speed control is easier than with a foot operated control. Consider adding the appropriate dial speed control to your order or a flex shaft with a dial control in its base:

  • EM (for Series S, SR, CC and L motors)
  • EMH (for Series H motors)
  • EMX (for Series TX and TXH motors)

GTIN:  098666715925

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