Domino Tenon Assortment
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Festool© Domino DF500 Tenon Assortment

Item #: FS498899

Product Description

Festool Beech Tenons are made from all-natural, solid hardwood for strength and stability. The Beech Tenon serves as a true floating tenon in mortise and tenon applications such as furniture, cabinetmaking, casing and frame work. The flat, elongated design will not rotate, ensuring perfect alignment for both edge and face gluing. Suitable for both plywood and solid wood applications, the dense beech tenon will not expand or telegraph through material, leaving you with clean, flat, and consistent surfaces. The Domino Tenon is embossed with glue pockets, and is approximately 2mm shorter than nominal length, allowing space in the mortise for glue. Tenons come in removable plastic bins. Assortment includes 5 Cutters, Domino Assortment Systainer, and 1060 tenons. Tenon assortment: 4 x 20mm (450), 5 x 30mm (225); 6 x 40mm (150); 8 x 40mm (100); 8 x 50mm (75); 10 x 50mm (60). Cutter assortment: D4mm (1), D5mm (1); D6mm (1); D8mm (1); D10mm (1).

  • Systainer to sort and keep Domino tenons together and for easy access to them when working
  • Includes three plastic, removable storage bins with dividers
  • Includes new T-Loc SystainerM

GTIN:  4014549174722

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