Klingspor Stainless Steel 14X84T Blade
    Klingspor Stainless Steel 14X84T Blade Image
    Klingspor Stainless Steel 14X84T Blade Image

Klingspor's Low RPM Stainless Steel Blade, 14"x 84 Teeth

Item #: KA35584

Product Description

KLINGSPOR's new blade line consists of value-priced, industrial-quality circular saw blades for cabinet shops, professional woodworkers and discerning hobbyists. Manufactured in Germany, these blades are laser cut from virgin steel, flattened, ground, tensioned and tipped with large, European-style carbide tips. These tips are ground for smooth, accurate cutting. Every step of the manufacturing process is computer-controlled and monitored by sophisticated inspection equipment assuring consistently "tight" tolerances and superior quality. KLINGSPOR blades will deliver excellent performance and outstanding value!

Designed for harder alloy and virgin stainless steel, these blades easily cut through stainless steel sheets, metal rods, steel pipes, channels and rebar. Specially designed carbide grade resists breakage and lasts longer than standard carbide or bonded wheels. This is the ideal blade for cutting through all sorts of stainless due to its unique tooth geometry, special carbide and its chip limiting steel support. These are new generation saw blades for cutting Stainless Steel with Excellent Life, either dry or oil lubricated.

WARNING: Not to be used on multi-purpose cut-off saws or gas powered saws.
Cutting high strength rebar materials will reduce blade life due to material toughness.


Diameter: 14"
Teeth: 84
Kerf: 2.4mm / .095"
Plate: 2.0mm / .079"
Bore: 1"
Recommended RPM Range: 1700
Grind: TGC