MAC MOP  80 GRIT  10 X 4
MAC MOP  80 GRIT  10 X 4 Image

Klingspor Abrasives Mac Mop 10"x 4" 80 Grit

Item #: MM00511

Product Description

Turnings, carvings, chair arms and legs, ballisters, and other shaped and contoured parts can be sanded easier, better, and faster when using our Mac Mop. KLINGSPOR'S Mac Mop is an exclusive of KLINGSPOR'S WOODWORKING SHOP and consists of hundreds of strips of flexible sandpaper that are bonded to a strong epoxy core. These small strips quickly find their way into all the recesses that your piece may have. Due to the nature and design of the Mac Mop, the sanding action is very passive and will sand, polish, and defuzz your work without effecting or altering any of the profile. The Mac Mop will definitely improve the finish stages of your project by sanding off all of the loose fibers that have been pressed into the wood during previous sanding applications. This will in turn make for a smoother first coat of finish to build on. Simply consider this the best profile sanding device on the market today.

Mac Mops should be mounted onto stationary machines with motors ranging from 1/2 hp to 3 hp and shafts of at least 1/2" in diameter. Ideal speeds for the Mac Mop are between 1,100 and 2,500 rpm's but should never exceed 3,400 rpm's.


  • 10" dia x 4" width
  • Require mounting plates
  • Sold individually

GTIN:  086855008842

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Titanium Dioxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to