Versa Spin 360 / 16"
    Versa Spin 360 / 16
    Versa Spin 360 / 16

VersaSpin 360® 16" Project and Finishing Rotating Base

Item #: PY16360

Product Description

VERSASPIN 360 is a unique and versatile project support system that allows you to securely elevate and effortlessly rotate projects to improve results, save time and save effort. Included accessories, Painter's Pyramids® and Grabbers™, enable use across a wide variety of projects. Both accessories can be placed to offer customized support for every project.

For projects that include wet paints, glues, clay and even frosting, the VersaSpin 360 allows access to all sides without touching the wet surfaces. Many other diverse projects, including flower arranging and sanding or light machining, benefit from the secure and stable support VersaSpin 360 provides.

GTIN:  895241001271


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