Resp-O-Rator With Mouthpiece
    Resp-O-Rator With Mouthpiece Image
    Resp-O-Rator With Mouthpiece Image

Resp-O-Rator With Mouthpiece

Item #: RP00007

Product Description

Who uses the RESP-O-RATOR?

  • Woodworkers and Carvers exposed to particulate dust generated by cutting, sanding, grinding, and sawing
  • Indoor workers exposed to household cleaning and dusting, particulate construction clean-up, and grain dust
  • Outside workers mowing grass, trimming bushes and trees, gardening, edging, and sweeping
  • Allergy sufferers exposed to pollen or dust


  • HEPA Filters located behind the head, drawing air usually from a cleaner environment
  • Total visibility in every direction
  • One size fits all and is simple to put on and take off
  • No straps to contend with or snag hair
  • No batteries to charge or replace
  • No annoying little fans that hum, buzz or require maintenance
  • Does not conflict with hearing aids, or hearing protection (ear muffs and plugs)
  • Can be worn with full-face shields, safety goggles and most welding helmets
  • Exhaust is discharged downward and cannot fog glasses or face shields
  • Cannot build up condensation in valve chamber
  • Minimal residual (rebreathed) air in valve chamber
  • Can be worn with full facial hair and skin deformities
  • Can be worn with most full head ski masks
  • Can be worn in the stand-by position when not required and simply left to hang around the neck


  • Includes Modified Mouthpiece, Particulate HEPA Dust Filters, with Nose Clip
  • Total Weight of the Resp-O-Rator: Under 7 ounces
  • Weight of the Mouthpiece on Mouth, In Use Position: About 1.5 ounces
  • Approximate Physical Size: 9" Wide x 12" Long x 4.25" High
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Tubing: Clear Vinyl, Food/Water Low Pressure Use
  • Residual Air: Less than 30 Cubic Centimeters
  • Filter Media Area: Total for Dual Cartridges, Both Sides, Over 45 Square Inches
  • Filter Media Color: White
  • Filter Type: HEPA Particulate Dust Only
  • Filtering Efficiency: Minimum of 99.97% down to 0.3 Micrometers in Diameter
  • Exhaust Valve: Accordion Pleated, Individually Factory Pressure Tested
  • Breakaway Air Ring and Tether for Safety
  • Clear Clean Air Tubing for Visual Filtering Inspection

GTIN:  032027326221

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