Dovetail Hand Saw 6-1/2" 24tpi (10-2204)
Dovetail Hand Saw 6-1/2

Shark Saw® 6-1/2" Flushcut / Dovetail Saw, 24TPI

Item #: S102204

Product Description

This very flexible saw is made for flush cuts of dowels and woodworking plugs. Its extremely fine tooth count (26 teeth per inch) makes ultra-smooth cuts. Ideal for precision joinery like dovetails, small moldings, and picture frames, it can also cut small plastics. The Dowel/Dovetail/Detail Saw is an outstanding addition to the tool kit of any finish carpenter, woodworker, or craft worker. Recommended For: Dowels, dovetail work, small pieces of wood and plastic, thin boards, balsa wood, wooden models.

Special SharkSaw® Features:

  • Pull-To-Cut: The SharkSaw® blade cuts when drawn toward you. This results in a more natural, smoother, straighter, and less fatiguing sawing operation due in part to SharkSaw's thinner blade.
  • Raker Tooth: This special tooth cleans the sawdust out of the kerf as the blade is pushed forward
  • Diamond-Ground: SharkSaw® blades are precision diamond-ground to sharpen each tooth on three sides. The resulting blades are extremely sharp.
  • Impulse Hardening: SharkSaw's teeth are electrically hardened to improve longevity. In fact, they hold their edge two to three times longer than conventional blades.
  • Soft & Comfortable Handle: Industrial strength handle features rubber-like elastomer double-injection, non-slip grips, for long-lasting comfort
  • Replaceable Blade: Twist-lock design allows for fast, easy replacement of worn blades

GTIN:  008023022047


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