General Carpentry 18" / 8 TPI
General Carpentry 18

Shark Saw® 18" General Carpentry Saw, 8 TPI

Item #: S102318

Product Description

The largest, fastest-cutting model in the SharkSaw®l line, this saw's 18" blade with aggressive 8-tpi pitch tears through the largest, toughest jobs you have. Ideal for general carpentry, post and beam construction, landscape timber, and railroad ties, it's the handsaw to have when power tools are unavailable (e.g., yards, fields, woods). Despite its relatively coarse 8 tpi, it cuts surprisingly clean, since the minimal set of the teeth slice through wood like a knife. Fast and accurate, this saw cuts through large stock with the finesse and speed to get tough jobs done.

Recommended For: Hard and soft wood; any large lumber for carpentry or landscape use; all large treated lumber; posts up to 12" in diameter (larger if rotation cutting is used); laminated lumber beams; railroad ties; firewood; large trees and branches.

GTIN:  008023023181


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