Sorby Oval Skew 1" (809H)
Sorby Oval Skew 1

Sorby Oval Skew 1" (809H)

Item #: S809410

Product Description

Delicately balanced tools that are the planes of the spindle turners tool kit. Designed at Robert Sorby, the profile allows the tool to glide effortlessly along the tool rest without fear of the edges dragging on the rest. They will smooth cylinders, clean the end grain ofspindles, cut shallow curves, beads, pummels and v-cuts, e.g. stair ballustrading and chair legs. These tools are indispensable if a fine finish is required from the tool.

  • Overall Length: 18-1/4"
  • Handle Length: 12"

GTIN:  011514010485


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