Sorby Square Chisel Jig (PESQ)
Sorby Square Chisel Jig (PESQ) Image

Sorby Square Chisel Jig (PESQ)

Item #: SZ00117

Product Description

Important Backorder Message - Please Read:
*URGENT* Due to severe shortages in some of our supply channels, this item is currently on backorder from our manufacturer. You may place an order to get in line for our next shipment but if this item is business critical to you or your company, please be advised it may be several weeks or months before we receive the next shipment. If you have additional questions, please call our 1-800-228-0000 and speak with a team member that can assist you. You may also use our online chat to get an answer as well.

Accurately ensures a straight cutting edge on any woodworking chisel. An accessory for the Sorby ProEdge sharpening system.

GTIN:  011514026295

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