Sovereign Turnmaster Set
    Sovereign Turnmaster Set Image
    Sovereign Turnmaster Set Image
    Sovereign Turnmaster Set Image

Sovereign Turnmaster Set

Item #: SZ50000

Product Description

The Robert Sorby TurnMaster has been a revelation since its release a few years ago. It makes a perfect introductory tool for the beginner or a fantastic foil for the more experienced woodturner looking for another flexible tool to equip their workshop. This set delivers economy and efficiency in abundance. Three easily attached heads allow for quick interchanging of tools at a fraction of the cost of three separate versions. These can be prepared in advance of a project allowing the turner to quickly swap heads and deliver varying cuts in a matter of seconds. The patented detachable heads have been the single biggest selling accessory for a system that has taken the turning world by storm: the indexing action delivers three standard cuts and demonstrates the highly practical nature of a system that offers three metallurgies (high speed steel (HSS), titanium nitride and tungsten carbide) and seven cutting tips.

Set Includes:

  • RSTM ST2 - TurnMaster shank with HSS detailed point cutter fitted
  • RSTM Tip1Round (fitted to head) - a general purpose cutter, excellent for rapid removal of material
  • RSTM Tip2 Detail Point (fitted to head and shank) - Excellent for roughing square to round when turning centres on spindle work
  • RSTM Tip3 Square (fitted to head) - Used for generating square shoulders on tenons where a turned part is to be assembled into a hole e.g. a chair leg. Also a great shear scraper
  • RSTM Tip4 French Curve - Great for finishing out in egg cups, goblets and round bottomed boxes
  • RSTM Tip5 Dovetail or box cutter - as the name suggests this tool is designed to create dovetails and tenons to mount timber on scroll chucks
  • RSTM Tip6 Teardrop - Ideal for scraping and shear scraping inside forms
  • RSTM Tip7 Mushroom - Designed for undercutting mushrooms but has many applications
  • 2xRSTM HEAD - Patented Indexable tool head specifically designed to operate in three positions for standard scraping and shear scraping work. Sit screws easily onto the tool shank to offer a quick and simple alternative for interchanging cutters.
  • 830 Standard Parting Tool 1/4" - for parting off work and great for detailing
  • Sovereign 12" handle - multifaceted Softex grip handle
  • Sovereign 4" extension - Simple value added addition to the Sovereign armoury
  • DS 600 - Handy pocked size diamond honing stone (1" X 3" (25mm x 75mm) x 1.5mm thick in 600 grit)
  • SOV-TC - Sovereign tang collect adaptor
  • SOV-C13 - Collet suitable for 1/2" shanks such as the spiralling system
The Box
Made from sustainably sourced birch plywood - comb jointed with a beech frame. Chrome plated furniture and a hard wearing lacquer finish guarantee satisfaction. Please note all sets have a pre-formed high density foam insert to hold the tools in place (removed for photographic clarity).

GTIN:  5013035100824


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