Nova Live Center System
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Teknatool Nova® Live Center System

Item #: TE10000

Product Description

This package has over 7 functions in one handy unit. Precision machined and 3 bearings for maximum long life.

  • Fast, precise and powerful tailstock support system
  • Designed for the tough demands of modern woodturning
  • 2 year warranty
  • Versatile - over 6 functions in one handy unit
  • Quick change tapers. Fast mounting of center pieces.
  • Long life quality triple bearing system
  • Fits all lathes with standard MT tailstock quill
  • Includes unique stepped cone system as standard, allowing ultra fast and convenient mounting of work
  • Can handle both heavy and delicate work
  • Can handle both hard and soft woods
  • Hollow center allows the user to drill through center. Great for cable access for lamps etc
  • Instruction manual included

Standard Parts:

  • Quick change Morse Taper (2MT): Fits all NOVA lathes and other lathes that have 2MT. For lathes with 1 or 3 MT, by using an appropriate adaptor/sleeve, this unit can be fitted also. 4MT or larger adaptor should not be used.
  • Threaded center: This center has an internal thread to mount either a bolt or a screw (hanger bolt). This enables the center to be used to mount wooden plugs, disks or mandrels as support pieces for turning either bowl work or spindle applications. With it's internal cone form, this center can also be used for quick centerless mounting of squares or rounds up to 8mm for spindle applications. This center is also needed to mount the large stepped cone accessory.
  • Miniature Extension center: This item is designed to support thin work or small, delicate turnings. The diameter of the stem is 1/4" so this center can double as a 1/4" pen mandrel. Two of these centers could be used for each half of the pen mandrel - one being fixed in the Live center, the other being located in the headstock spindle.
  • 60 degree center: A good all purpose center designed for a wide variety of applications. Ideal for medium to hardwoods.
  • Hollow cup center and point: Ideal for softwood support, the Hollow Cup center comes with it's own demountable center point. By using the hollow cup center, turners will able to create a hole within the spindle item.
  • Stepped Cone: The Stepped cone is a quick and convenient way to mount centerless rounds up to 40mm(19/16"), split turning or other work without a center. Reverse mounting of cone allows wedge fit of hollow section work. Needs the Threaded center to mount it on the Live center.

GTIN:  669762002716

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