Tormek Handtool Kit (HTK-706)
Tormek Handtool Kit (HTK-706) Image

TormekĀ® Handtool Kit (HTK-706)

Item #: TM70600

Product Description

This kit contains the jigs for sharpening your knives, scissors, draw knives and axes as well as short chisel and carving tools.

This updated HTK-706 kit includes the latest Tormek innovation, the Small Knife Holder SVM-00.

(HTK-706 replaces HTK-705).

GTIN:  7392485007098


Items of Interest

Tormek Honing Compound (PA-70)
Tormek Honing Compound (Pa-70)
Item #: TM00070
Tormek Profiled Honing Wheel (LA-120)
Tormek Profiled Honing Wheel (La-120)
Item #: TM11111
Tormek Horiz Base / Universal Support
Tormek Horiz Base / Universal Support
Item #: TM21850
Tormek Knife Jig (SVM-45)
Tormek Knife Jig (Svm-45)
Item #: TM22220
Tormek Machine Cover (MH-380)
Tormek Machine Cover (Mh-380)
Item #: TM38000
Tormek Stone Grader (SP-650)
Tormek Stone Grader (Sp-650)
Item #: TM40000
Tormek Planer / Jointer Blade Jig
Tormek Planer / Jointer Blade Jig
Item #: TM50000
Tormek Multi-Jig (SVS-50)
Tormek Multi-Jig (Svs-50)
Item #: TM50505
Tormek Axe Jig (SVA-170)
Tormek Axe Jig (Sva-170)
Item #: TM60000
Tormek Turning Tool Rest (SVD-110)
Tormek Turning Tool Rest (Svd-110)
Item #: TM70000
Tormek T-8 Grinder
Tormek T-8 Grinder
Item #: TM88888