Complete Illustrated Guide To Tablesaws
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Complete Illustrated Guide To Tablesaws

Item #: TP50110

Product Description

All the essential techniques with clear instructions and detailed illustrations

  • Paperback
  • 9-3/16 x 10-7/8 in.
  • 224 pages, with 619 photographs and 34 drawings
  • Published 2009
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-011-0

About the book:

From the most basic techniques to the most advanced procedures, here's the ultimate owner's manual for anyone who uses a tablesaw.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you'll find all the valuable tips and step-by-step advice you need to master ripping, crosscutting, joint making, and shaping. All made so much easier to learn -- and put into action -- by over 600 useful photos and illustrations.

With many years of experience as a professional woodworker, and as Tools Editor for a leading woodworking magazine, Paul Anthony delivers a wealth of practical information in the most user-friendly format you'll ever find.

All the tricks of the trade are covered in clear, colorful detail. You'll learn how to:

  • Choose the right tablesaw
  • Select the proper blade for each procedure
  • Cut wood down to size for length and width
  • Cut miters for trim
  • Create a wide range of joints and decorative effects
  • Extend the use of your tablesaw with jigs and fixtures
  • Guarantee consistent results with repetitive operations
  • Maximize safety with proven tips and inside advice

If you're looking for a single book that delivers everything you need to know about tablesaws, here's a virtual encyclopedia for your reference library -- put together by the consummate professional.


PART ONE - Tools
Section 1. The Nature of the Beast
Types of Saws
Saw Anatomy
Features to Consider
Outfitting Your Shop for a Tablesaw
Buying Used
Section 2. Accessories
Zero-Clearance Insert Plate
Crosscut Sled
Other Accessories
Section 3: Blades and Cutters
Maintaining and Installing Blades

PART TWO - Safety
Section 4. Splitters and Guards
Section 5. Safety Accessories

PART THREE - Tablesaw Tune-Up and Maintenance
Section 6. Tune-Up and Maintenance
Tuning Up

PART FOUR - Basic Operations
Section 7. Ripping
Basic Rips
Advanced Ripping
Ripping Sheet Goods
Section 8. Crosscutting
Basic Crosscutting
Specialty Crosscutting
Cutting Multiples

PART FIVE - Joinery
Section 9. Preparing for Joinery
Planning for Joinery
Jigging Up
Section 10. Making Joints
Rabbets, Dadoes, and Grooves
Finger Joints
Mortise-and-Tenon Joints

PART SIX - Dressing and Shaping Operations
Section 11. Dressing and Shaping on the Tablesaw
Dressing Stock
Cutting Tapers and Shapes
Making Bends
Making Moldings
Cutting Coves

GTIN:  9781600850110


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