Rapid Fuse Wood Adhesive 4oz
Rapid Fuse Wood Adhesive 4oz Image

Rapid Fuse Wood Adhesive 4oz

Item #: WM00157

Product Description

  • Cures in 30 minutes! Ready to plane, sand & stain.
  • 40% stronger - professional strength & performance
  • Goes 2X further than yellow glues - works on all wood types
  • Repositionable up to 3 minutes
  • No water, no swelling, no damage
  • No activator required
  • Interior/exterior use

Helpful Tips:
  • 1: Start with clean, dry wood surfaces
  • 2: Apply RapidFuse adhesive to one surface only - not both sides
  • 3: Don't use too much - only a small amount of RapidFuse is needed
  • 4: Make sure the joints fit tightly together. If you can't make the surfaces touch by clamping, you won't be able to get a great bond.
  • 5: A good rule of thumb to follow when working with RapidFuse is if it's shiny, then it's still wet. If RapidFuse doesn't cure in 30 minutes then it's likely you over-applied. Simply use a dry paper towel to remove the excess and it will cure properly.
  • 6: RapidFuse cures in 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of cure time, you can plane it, sand it or stain it. Go ahead. Really. Don't wait overnight. After 30 minutes it's ready.