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Mag Jig Switchable 95 lb / 20mm

Item #: MT06004

Mag Jig Switchable 95 lb / 20mm


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MagJig is constructed to fit perfectly into a 3/4" board such that the bottom of the magnet is flush to the table surface. Simply determine an ideal location in you jig fixture that ensures complete contact between the MagJig and the steel table surface. Drill a 30 mm hole and drop the MagJig into the jig fixture. For permanent mounting, simply affix the MagJig to your board using stainless steel screws (for maximum strength). MagJigs contain extremely powerful magnets. Do not turn on unless in contact with a steel surface. Turning the magnets on without being in contact with steel can be harmful to sensitive electronic equipment and potential cause pinched fingers or skin. MagJigs work ideally on steel surfaces that are thicker than .25".

Key Benefits:

  • Fast Setup & Securing
  • Uses standard 3/4" material
  • Ideal for jig placement flexibility
  • Strong Hold! Strong against shear force
  • Easy On/Off - rotate 1/2 turn On - reverse & turn off
  • Uses Standard 30 mm Forstner drill for mounting
  • Use in multiple jigs, switch in and out of fixtures with ease
  • Up to 95 lbs of break away force - Do not use for lifting
CA Residents:
Prop. 65 Warning

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