Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Wood Lathe

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This lathe combines the best features of larger lathes - power, capacity and capability with state of the art technology to make your turning more efficient, fun and safer. The NOVA GALAXI DVRTM 1644 is the most versatile lathe on the market. It combines the proven technology with some great new features.

It is able to handle a wide range of work from very small pens to large 29"/750mm bowls and long spindle work (using optional Outrigger accessory)

The NOVA DVR™ series are the only smart lathes on the market, the ONLY lathes to feature intelligent ADAPTIVE CONTROL™ software that works for the turner to produce optimum turning conditions for your specific projects.

Power to Turn and Burn
1.75HP (115v) or 2HP (220v) Direct Drive DVR Motor offers more power/torque than any competitive 16" lathe on the market.

Incredible Speed Range
With a very low speed of 100rpm up to an incredibly high speed of 5,000rpm, the NOVA GALAXI DVR is the perfect solution for a wide variety of projects from small pens to large bowls and platters.

5 Favorite Speeds
Enables you to pre-program your most used speeds for faster and more efficient project set ups.

  • 16"/406mm Capacity over bed
  • 29"/750mm Capacity outboard (with optional outrigger accessory)
  • 44"/1117mm between centers

Self Ejecting Tailstock Centre
Helps make project set ups faster and easier.

Stationary lathe capabilities in a compact workspace
Incredible power in a compact working space, great for those who need all the workshop space they can get! The swivel head and articulated Outrigger Accessory means that turning even large bowls (29") you are still turning in the same compact working envelope.

Features standard on all NOVA Lathes:

  • Quality materials - solid cast iron throughout
  • Strong 2MT spindles
  • NOVA smart accessories - lathe accessories are common between the models, meaning any money invested in the accessories isn't wasted if you upgrade your NOVA lathe
  • Fully 360° Swivel head - position work where you want it, makes your turning more comfortable and saves you workshop space
  • Precision machining
  • Long reach toolslides, designed to take advantage for the extra capacity the NOVA lathes offer
  • Quick action cam controls - precisely adjust to your requirements, fast
  • Large capacities
  • Great speed range
  • Large range of accessories
  • Comprehensive warranties

Additional NOVA GALAXI DVR Features & Benefits:

  • Intelligent control
    Easy to operate, the NOVA DVR series of lathes are the only SMART lathes on the market, using Adaptive Control™ Software. The intelligent computerised control assists you with your turning, for instance, measuring the weight of the workpiece and adjusting the performance accordingly, the ability to sense faults in the set up and advise, sense safety issues such as chisel dig ins and spindle lock, and instantly shuts down power to the spindle
  • High torque power:
    Instant power when you need it. The high torque motor, has exceptional structural strength and smart design, it's not only easy to convert to outrigger work for larger bowls and to extend spindle capacity with add on beds, but the lathe has the power and capacity to handle it with ease, even at low speeds.
  • Faster, more efficient turning
    NOVA GALAXI DVR™ delivers incredible turning smoothness. With no belts or pulleys to cause vibration, a computer that automatically adjusts performance and solid cast iron construction, the Galaxi is one smooth operator. This delivers the ability to turn faster and more efficiently and cuts down on sanding time. The 5 FAVORITE SPEEDS function also enables you to preselect your most used speeds, finishing your project faster.
  • Plug n' Play
    Easy to use, push button electronic variable speed with forward and reverse
  • Safety Sensing
    Computer control instantly cuts power to the spindle if it senses a chisel dig in, or if the spindle lock is on when wanting to turn the spindle
  • Power saving
    Smart computer controlled motor only draws as much power as it needs for the project being worked on. The DVR motor can save up to 80% energy and emissions over conventional motors.
  • Low maintenance:
    Industry grade electronics

Product Technical Specification:

  • Bowl turning capacity: 16"/406mm inboard. 29"/750mm outboard. (Using optional outrigger accessory)
  • Between centers: Standard 44"/1117mm
  • Speed range: 100 - 5000 continual variable speed, with dial in speed control for precise and fast speed location
  • Spindle Thread: 1-1/4" 8TPI RH (USA, Canada, Australasia & UK), M33 x 3.5 RH (Europe excluding UK)
  • Tailstock: 2MT hollow, self ejecting
  • Swivel head: 360 degree swivel and lock at any position, plus detent locating positions at 0, 22, 4 and 90 degree. High accuracy and easy swivel. Headstock can move along bed to be positioned at the end of the bed or anywhere in between for large work.

Standard Equipment:

  • DVR motor & controller
  • Cast iron stand (note the The NOVA GALAXI DVR Lathe Cast Iron Stand is designed to allow the owner to make custom shelves to add to the stand, if desired. Shelves are not supplied with the stand)
  • 150mm/6" faceplate
  • 300mm /12" toolrest
  • 2MT live centre
  • 2MT spur centre
  • Knock out bar
  • Manual & fastenings
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