3"X24" Economy Belt Assortment 20pk

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With this Classic abrasive belt material from KLINGSPOR, you'll realize excellent sanding performance paired with an outstanding price point. Together, these equal "The Most Sanding Power for Your Money!"

Made from premium aluminum oxide grains, resin bonded to a cloth backing, you'll find that this classic material outlasts most companies' premium belt materials! This cloth backing is more pliable than our premium belt backings, making it perfect for use in the majority of your sanding applications. Overall, you'll be receiving a belt that's consistent quality each and every time that's perfect for everyday portable belt sanding.

Assortment Includes:
  • (1) 40 grit
  • (1) 50 grit
  • (3) 60 grit
  • (5) 80 grit
  • (2) 100 grit
  • (5) 120 grit
  • (3) 150 grit
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