Proxxon Pen Sander & Acc

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  • Contains pen sander & adapter
  • This superfine sander with linear sanding motion (versus rotary or orbital) operates at 8,000 strokes per minute with a .1" stroke. It is ideal for surfaces, slots, and tight corners. Included are four sanding attachments with straight shank and 4 with angled shanks (four different shapes per shank style) as well as 3 sheets of pre-profiled self-adhesive sanding pads. The sheets are 180, 240, and 400 grit with 5 of each shape per sheet.

    * Must be used with the AC Adapter (included).

    Very compact design. Noryl casing (heat resistant - a necessity for transformer enclosures). Capacity 2.0A at 16 Volt open circuit - and 12 Volt under load = 24VA (DC). Primary supply 110-120V. Polarized socket for PROXXON plug. Red LED indicates readiness for use. PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) element prevents overload, plugged in tool will not automatically restart. After cooling down, the AV wall plug should be disconnected briefly to restart the adapter. Modern design with holes for storing bits. Foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the PROXXON tool ready for use.

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