6" X 8 Hole Stearate K/O Discs (50)

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Stearate Aluminum Oxide - These discs are PERFECT all around sanding disc. Great for sanding where loading is a problem. They are highly recommended for bare wood sanding and autobody use. Other applications include sanding of bare metal, primer, primer surfacer, between coats of paint and on solid surface countertops. Stearate is impregnated into the size coat making these ideal for waterbased applications.


  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Stearated
  • Resin to Resin bonded
  • B & C weight paper
  • Tear-resistant backing
  • Hook & Loop backing
  • Pack of 50
  • COMBO pack includes 10 discs each of the following grits: 60, 80, 100, 120, 150
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