Tupelo 4 x 7 x 15"

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  • Tupelo 4 x 7 x 15"
  • Tupelo 4 x 7 x 15


  • Size: 4" X 7" X 15"

The picture above is not of the actual size.

Tupelo wood blocks are typically pale yellow in color and are sought after by the more serious wood carvers. Tupelo differs from basswood as it doesn't split as easily allowing the carver to make features thinner and with more detail. This property of Tupelo gives the carver less reserve when deciding on what to carve that could potentially break easier with basswood. Another benefit of Tupelo over basswood is that Tupelo doesn't have fuzzy or feathered grain when power carving or applying water-based finishes. Tupelo will hold paint and finish better, especially in finer details where sanding is more difficult.

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