*Bessey VAS-23 23' Strap Clamp
    *Bessey VAS-23 23' Strap Clamp Image
    *Bessey VAS-23 23' Strap Clamp Image

Bessey VAS-23 23' Strap Clamp

Item #: AC05569

Product Description

The Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp has two distinguishing features that makes it more functional and convenient than the other generic strap clamps on the market. First, the unique, geared winder tightens the clamp evenly from both sides simultaneously ensuring distortion-free clamping. Second, the integral rewinding mechanism keeps the strap conveniently rolled-up and stored out of the way without twists and tangles.

  • Strap Lock - easy to use mechanism releases and locks strap around awkward or large assemblies
  • Strap Winder- excess strap conveniently stored on spool -- keeps strap tangle free and out from under foot. Crank can be mounted on either side for left or right hand rewinding
  • Ergonomic Wood Handle- is designed for maximum torque when cranking the strap tight-- like all Bessey clamps, large Acme thread means more power with less cranking
  • Geared Winder Allows For Precise Adjustment- tightens strap evenly from both sides for distortion-free clamping
  • Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polyamid Case And Corner Blocks- For light weight and high strength
  • Specially Woven 23 FT. Polyester Strap- for up to 1,100 lbs. tensile strength with minimal stretch
  • Corner Clip With Vario-Angle Swivel Pads- clamps any and all angles from 60° to 180° -- four clips are included with the clamp
  • Strap Length:  23 FT
  • Strap Width:  1"


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