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Freud SD508 8" Super Dado Blade Set

Item #: FR05080

Freud SD508 8" Super Dado Blade Set


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  • Freud SD508 8


The SD500 Series of dadoes cuts dadoes in everything from veneered plywoods and laminates to solid wood, chip and splinter free with a super smooth dado bottom, and has the flexibility of an adjustable dado to handle today's undersized plywood.

The SD500 Series dadoes were the first dadoes to include a 3/32" thick chipper. This allows the cut width to be adjusted in 1/32" increments and doubles number of slot widths available. Many plywoods are being manufactured 1/32" undersized from the nominal size and this allows you to cut dadoes that will fit these materials with less shimming. We have also included a shim set with the dado for fine adjustments.

Freud's New Square Tooth design utilizes a shorter and thicker tooth which reduces drag in the cut and reduces the materials guiding effect. The Square Tooth design also increases the number of sharpenings you can obtain.

The SD500's used an extra thick and stiff outside plate and eliminating the hub and developed a gullet design that provides maximum chip ejection. Both of these features prevent chip buildup within the stack.

Caution: Carbide tips should never come into contact with each other. Always use both outside blades and never use chippers alone or with just one outside blade.


  • Use on all table saws and radial armsaws for cutting slots, grooves, dadoes,and rabbets in soft wood or hard wood


  • Diameter: 8"
  • Teeth: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8"
  • Chippers: (4) 1/8", (1) 3/32", (1) 1/16"
  • Kerf: 1/8"
CA Residents:
Prop. 65 Warning

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