Face Frame 35mm Euro Hinge W/ Clip
    Face Frame 35mm Euro Hinge W/ Clip Image
    Face Frame 35mm Euro Hinge W/ Clip Image

Face Frame 35mm Euro Hinge W/ Clip

Item #: SL20129

Product Description

  • Side clips automatically locate plate
  • Overlays frame 5/8" to 13/16"
  • Cup diameter 35mm x 10mm deep
  • Boring distance from door edge: 3-8mm
  • For doors 5/8" and 3/4" thick
  • Gap between door and frame: .5mm
  • Self closing
  • Vertical and lateral adjustments
  • Screw-on model

Please note: Screws not included. Screws that will fit this product are the Flat Wood Screw (Item # PAN00658) or any of these Nickel Screws (Item #'s SL90003-SL90005). Screws sold separately.

More Information:

The following information pertains to the Euro style hinges we offer. Most euro hinges and plates are sold separate to allow for maximum adjustability. The hinge plates vary in thickness to allow for more or less overlay or inset applications.
0mm clip - SL20136 (maximum overlay)
2mm clip - SL20134 (2mm more inset)
4mm clip - SL20135 (4mm more inset)

Overlay applications
If you decide to use an overlay cabinet design, select full overlay hinges for the ends and half or partial overlay hinges in the middle of a row of cabinets.
PARTIAL (half) OVERLAY - SL20132

Inset applications
Inset doors are recessed into the cabinet carcass to create a completely flush, clean-lined look.

How far from the edge of the door you drill the hole for the hinge to set in can also adjust how much or little overlay the door has. With the Euro style hinges you can adjust that as much as an 3/32". The most important thing is that you don't drill too close to the edge or too far, so play around with scrap plywood or other wood first so that you don't drill through the stile of the door. SL20133

Face Frame Hinges
These hinges can be used on both face frame and euro applications. The hinge clip has tabs that rest on the outside of the cabinet and are easy to install. It can be used on an inset or overlay set-up. If it is used in an inset application, you will need to mount a 3/4" thick block 3/4" back from the front of the cabinet or directly behind the face frame. This hinge comes with a clip. SL20129


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