Woodburning / Pyrography Detail Nib Kit
Woodburning / Pyrography Detail Nib Kit Image

Woodburning / Pyrography Detail Nib Kit

Item #: CE90006

Product Description

Kit includes:

  • RT Ball 1
    • About RT Ball 1: The smaller ball stylus' are great for cursive writing, lines, burning on tagua nuts and other miniatures and a multitude of other uses. It glides over the wood to make writing with this tool a snap. Because of it's small size, it is welded to the tip rather than having a wire through it. Extra caution needs to be taken when using these tips, they stay hotter longer after they are unplugged. The larger sizes can stay hot for up to 5 minutes so please be extra cautious when using them. All ball tips require a longer warm-up time and cool-down time than our other tips.
  • RT-C
    • About the RT-C: (.076") A writing tip used to sign your work. Also used for burning plaques and designs on wood.
  • RT-Needle Point
    • About the RT-Needle Point: Similar to a sewing needle it allows the artist to burn the finest of lines and dots for pointillism.
  • RT-Mini J
    • About the RT-Mini J: The Mini J allows you to easily make straight or curved lines in a tight radius, and it can also be laid flat on its side and used as a shader in tight spaces.

For use with Cub Woodburning units with tip handle CE99992.

Woodburning is not recommended on Pine or Cedar!



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