Guard-Tex Friction Tape 3/4" Wide
    Guard-Tex Friction Tape 3/4
    Guard-Tex Friction Tape 3/4

Guard-Tex® Friction Tape, 3/4" Wide, 30 Yards Long

Item #: GB41308

Product Description

This new product will help you get a good grip on things while protecting your fingertips and knuckles. When sanding small parts, you know how awful it is to run your finger into a moving belt or simply scraping yourself on a sandpaper sheet. This simple protective tape will keep you "knick-free". Many industrial facilities use Guard-Tex to handle small parts and protect fingers as well. Carvers should also consider wrapping one or several fingers for safety purposes too. Made of a latex-coated cotton gauze that isself adhering (which means it is easy to apply, easy to remove and never leaves a gummy residue) this tape can also be used as a wrap for tool handles. At less than 5 cents per application, aren't your digits worth it?

  • Guard-Tex Tape is 3/4" wide X 30 yds.

GTIN:  060053413080


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