Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Gravity HVLP System
Fuji Semi-Pro 2 Gravity HVLP System Image

FUJI Spray Semi-Pro 2 Gravity Feed HVLP System

Item #: HVL-2203G

Product Description

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional hobbyist, the DIY-PRO™ Series offers you the perfect combination of versatility and performance to get the job done. Considered the 'go-to' system for both workshops and home use, the DIY-PRO™ Series is ideal for spraying walls, ceilings, doors, fences, shutters, cabinets, and so much more! The DIY-PRO™ Series will allow you to obtain an outstanding finish, making you look like a professional.

Most HVLP systems typically feature low wattage motors that are underpowered for most spraying. Our 1400 watt 2-stage bypass motor in a metal turbine casing can handle almost any type of coating.

What Makes This Series Different

Entry level system offering professional grade results
Budget friendly
Easily change the fan pattern from wide to narrow
Faster application than a roller or brush
Save money on finish-low overspray = less material used
Easy to disassemble spray gun results in hassle-free clean up and maintenance
Lightweight and portable
2-year warranty on parts and labor

Key Features of this Series

400cc gravity or 1Qt (1000cc) bottom feed cup capacity
Convertible spray gun from bottom to gravity and vice-versa
Six different air cap set sizes available
Stainless steel needle, nozzle, and fluid passages
Powerful 1400 watt 2-stage motor
25ft Hi-Flex™ hose
Rugged metal turbine case

What's included with every Fuji Spray® Semi-PRO 2™HVLP Gravity System?

2 Stage DIY-PRO™ Series Turbine (5.0 PSI)
M-Model Gravity Non-Bleed Spray Gun
400cc Aluminum Pressurized Gravity Cup
1.3mm Air Cap Set Installed
Rear Situated Fan Pattern Control
25ft Hi-Flex™ Hose
Quick Connect Coupling & Air Control Valve
Detailed User Manual
#4 Ford Viscosity Cup
Wrench & Cleaning Brush
2-year warranty on parts and labor

GTIN:  612850022035


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