Mylands High Build Friction Polish
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Mylands High Build Friction Polish

Item #: MY20000

Product Description

High Build Friction Polish - This shellac requires no sealing before application and gives an exceptionally high build which dries almost instantaneously resulting in a beautiful, smooth sheen that compliments the natural beauty of the wood. A brilliant high gloss finish can be achieved by first sealing the work with cellulose sanding sealer. 500ml

There are three popular ways of finishing with this product to produce stunning results:

  • Sand the turned item using a cloth backed abrasive to at least 400 grade quality
  • Apply the high build with a lint free cotton cloth, lightly, whilst the item is turning. Achieving the desired build may require stopping application occasionally, lightly de-nibbing, and then continuing application.
  • If the turned item is to be handled regularly then seal in the friction polish with an additional application of a Carnauba Wax Stick
  • This is applied with the lathe at high speed passing from one end of the piece to the other, exerting minimal pressure
  • Buff with a clean piece of cotton cloth

This can then be handled for years, retaining the original look.

GTIN:  5025877101198


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